Tags… not what you think, but still very cool

tagcloud-text-sampleNo, this is not about the barbershop tags that we all know and love. It is about the tag cloud that you can see on the right panel of our library pages. Tags are a quick and easy way to find the kind of music that you are looking for, and this post will help you to narrow your searches even further.

When you click on one of the tags in our tag cloud (the panel at the side of our library pages that has descriptive words such as “Ballad” or “Easy Beat”, in various sizes of font), our system automatically creates a list of all the songs in our database that matches that one criterium. But what if you want to do a more specific search, such as contest ballads, or Christmas comedy numbers? As it turns out, this is very simple, with a little help from the address bar at the top of your browser.

If you click on one of the tags—Contest, for example—you can see that it sends you to a page with the URL https://qsvp.com/tag/contest/ in the address bar. To choose a more specific search, you simply need to change the part of the URL after “/tag/”. To search for contest ballads, for example, simply adjust the URL to read https://qsvp.com/tag/contest+ballad/. This will give you a more targeted search, only returning results that have both the contest and ballad tags attached to them. You can add as many search items as you like, such as https://qsvp.com/tag/contest+uptune+comedy/. However, it is very possible that if you get too specific, you will get a message stating that there were no items found matching your criteria.

You should also note that no matter where you start your search (in the men’s, women’s or mixed libraries, or as a direct search anywhere), tag search results will return all songs that match the tag, regardless of voicing, so make sure you check whether the recording is for men, women, or mixed voices.

I hope this helps you find the songs that you want to sing. Happy searching!

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