Quick Start

Welcome to Quick Start Vocal Productions! We want you to be successful in your efforts to learn new music quickly. Follow the directions below to get you on the right track now.

Library orders

First, be sure to purchase your arrangement through the appropriate channels. For more details, visit our Pricing and Ordering page. Then, choose one of the categories in the sidebar to browse through the hundreds of learning tracks we have available for immediate download. You can also search for specific titles or arrangers by using our search box.

Custom orders

If we do not have the arrangement you are looking for in our existing library, you can send us the arrangement to be recorded. Simply go to our Contact page and send us the details, including

  1. Name of your Performing Group
  2. Name and e-mail address of Contact person
  3. Arrangement (include as attachment)
  4. Any special instructions (interpretation requests, rush order requests, etc.)

For more details, visit our Pricing and Ordering page.