Pricing and Ordering

Custom Tracks

The price for a custom-ordered standard song is $200. A standard song is one that is less than 4 minutes in length and has a maximum of 4 parts. With your purchase you will receive:

  • Part-left mixes – For each part there is a mix where the part in question is panned fully to the left, with the other parts fully panned to the right. The part in question is also balanced to be louder than the other parts combined so that it will be predominant in the mix, even if you do not have the capability of changing the balance on your system.
  • Stereo mix – This mix is balanced and evenly panned to emulate a quartet recording so that you can hear what the final product should sound like.
  • Intro track – This is a quick recording that states the name and starting key of the song and plays a few seconds of the starting pitch on an electronic pitch pipe. You can choose to include this track before any, all, or none of your tracks during playback.

Library Tracks

There are currently over 800 songs in our library of pre-recorded songs available for instant download. Library tracks are priced based on the number of parts and length of the song, with the price listed beside the song in question. All library tracks are sold as-is. There may be slight alterations from the sheet music based on the request of the original group who ordered the song. We recommend purchasing the full stereo mix to preview the song before ordering the full package. All songs in the library have full-mix previews available for purchase.

We cannot provide sheet music for any copyrighted or public domain songs. Most songs are available through the Barbershop Harmony Society or directly through the arranger. If you cannot find the arranger’s contact information through a simple Google search (e.g. search for “Tom Gentry arrangements” (without the quotation marks) in a Google search bar), we may be able to help you find that information.

Other Services

We can provide the following services for an additional fee:

  • More than 4 parts. Custom songs with more than 4 parts are prorated based on the number of additional parts.
  • Songs 4 minutes in length or longer. Songs of longer length are prorated based on each additional minute beyond the 3:59 minute mark.
  • Transposition to Women’s Key. We can change the key for library tracks to a key suitable for female singers. You would need to request this in the same manner as a custom track order. The price for transposition is $20 in addition to the existing price of the library track for a standard-length song. Longer songs may include a higher fee.
  • Rush Orders. If you need your custom tracks right away, we can negotiate a price to make that happen.


We now offer a 10% discount on bulk orders. Any order that includes a minimum of 3 custom songs or 5 library songs will qualify for the discount. The discount will be applied to the entire order that qualifies. When purchasing, simply use the coupon code BIGDEAL. There are no limits to the number of times you can use this discount.

How To Order

Custom Tracks

  1. Obtain legal copies of the arrangements from the Barbershop Harmony Society or directly from the arranger.
  2. Go to our Contact page and e-mail your arrangements to us including the following details:
    1. Name of your Performing Group;
    2. Name and e-mail address of Contact person;
    3. Arrangements (include as attachments)
    4. Any special instructions (interpretation requests, rush order requests, etc.)
  3. Secure Mechanical Licenses after the learning tracks are delivered.

Library Tracks

  1. Obtain legal copies of the arrangements from the Barbershop Harmony Society or directly from the arranger.
  2. Order the learning tracks for the purchased arrangements using our automated download system. You will be billed through PayPal and directed to download your purchase.
  3. Secure Mechanical Licenses for learning tracks.

Mechanical Licensing

Mechanical licensing fees are the responsibility of the purchaser. By purchasing learning tracks from Quick Start Vocal Productions, you agree to the responsibility of paying mechanical licensing fees for the copies that you make. You can learn about and pay mechanical licensing fees by going to the appropriate agency for your country. (Harry Fox ( for US customers; CMRRA ( for Canadian customers; others please do a search for Mechanical Licensing within your own country.) Mechanical licensing fees are collected to pay royalties to the copyright owners. The arranger owns the copyright on any public domain song. You will likely need to pay the copyright holder directly for public domain songs. Mechanical license fees are affordable and should be taken seriously. Protect your group and your learning track provider by making your learning tracks legal.

Legal Notice

These recordings are the sole property of Chris Arnold and Quick Start Vocal Productions. Illegal distribution will result in legal action.