Happy Anniversary to Me!


4 balloons… how perfect!

Well, sort of… I just realized that it was the beginning of February of last year that I decided to jump back into doing learning tracks full-time. In that time, a lot of stuff has happened: this web site was totally overhauled, bringing it into the new millennium; I travelled to Las Vegas to compete with my new quartet Supertonic and sing with Toronto Northern Lights on their swan song set; and, I jumped into giving private vocal lessons in addition to my recording business, probably something I should have been doing for a long time.

In the last year, I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of really fun tracks. I collaborated with the Barbershop Harmony Society on Sweet Caroline, the classic Neil Diamond song, along with some others that will be released in the near future. I recorded Kyrie, a classic song from the 80’s by Mr. Mister and arranged into a very cool contemporary male 7-part chart by Mark Stevens and Will Makra. Plus, I’ve had the chance to do some great songs from TNL’s repertoire; one that is particularly memorable is their song For Good, originally from the musical “Wicked”, rearranged and customized for the chorus to sing in their swan song set in Vegas. You can currently hear short clips for all of these songs in the Recent Tracks window, and full stereo tracks are available in the library.

A lot of things changed during my hiatus from the industry. One of the big game changers is Melodyne. A lot of people got into the business relying on the help of this software package. This has created a big opportunity for me and, therefore, my customers. While I am not a fan of using pitch correction as a crutch and therefore don’t use it with my men’s recordings, I am now able to do women’s tracks again, at a much better quality than I was able to do before, without the harmful effects of singing outside of my natural range. For examples, check out Why Do Fools Fall In Love or Hooked On A Feeling. Also, the increase in the number of providers means that turnaround times are much more manageable. What used to take months for custom tracks now only takes weeks.

The other game changer is automatic download systems for the internet. This has been huge! I can offer samples on all of my tracks, and they are available instantly for every song in my library. This gives me a lot more time to work on tracks instead of manually sending out samples and library tracks, which again translates to shorter turnaround times.

All of this is to say… it’s been a great year! With everything back on track, and new possibilities always on the horizon, I am looking forward to another year with Quick Start Vocal Productions. I am also very confident in saying, “If you haven’t checked us out in a while, do it; you won’t regret it!” Take advantage of our immediate downloads; take advantage of fast turnaround times; take advantage of favourable exchange rates for all of my American customers; and take advantage of the opportunity to come work with me one-on-one in our newly refurbished private studio. I look forward to working with you all in the coming year!

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